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Assessoria VIA JÚLIA can only succeed if your computer and your customers have. We concentrate our efforts on hiring the best staff and boost its development continuously. We are extremely proud of our employees and managers have contributed to an open, friendly, warm and respectful corporate culture. We live our core values: professionalism, exclusivity and passion. We are proud to be part of this small family Via Giulia. Would you like to join us?

Assessoria VIA JÚLIA has over 50 years of experience in advising companies and individuals currently offering legal services, notary, SMEs and freelancers, property management, real estate and insurance. We are a leading brand in the north of Barcelona currently has two offices in the city.

We are in the throes of expansion offering the best service for our customers, since 1963.
We are currently looking to expand our team. Here we detail the following vacancies. If you are interested can register via these two pathways:

Real-estate Agent

As a Sales Advisor Assessoria VIA JULIA must have affinity for the property and clear minded service-oriented, have a sixth sense for the capture and sale of real estate of first level, be particularly receptive to the wishes of their customers and have the ability to understand them and inspire them.

If you have these qualities, join Assessoria VIA JÚLIA and start benefiting from our strong brand and access to an exclusive clientele. Always supported by a team of specialized professionals in different areas, such as legal and tax that will make their work even more professionalized.

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  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  +34 93 350 64 00
  Via Júlia 61 Bj 08042 Barcelona (Main)
  +34 93 521 06 40
  Via Júlia 46 08016 Barcelona

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