Business Creation

Creating a business, starting a business, and in general, starting any business or professional activity, usually involves making important decisions regarding various legal areas: commercial, tax, labor, administrative, real estate , etc.

Moreover, these issues are often interrelated, so it is essential to study and comprehensive advice in each case to always choose the best option, taking into account all factors that may influence each topic.

Our firm will help you in creating your new company or business, studying, advising and managing a comprehensive manner all aspects related to it since before the beginning:

  • Advice on the most appropriate legal form for your company: individual companies, company formations, civil societies and community properties, etc.
  • Property advice: counseling and negotiating the terms of purchase lease or transfer of the premises in which you want to install the business.
  • Permits and licenses: Opening municipal permits, regulatory approvals, etc. necessary for the legalization and carry on its business.
  • Tax advice: study assessment and advice on the different tax systems, income tax, Direct evaluation, objective evaluation (modules) etc.
  • Employment advice: Autonomous Regime, advantages and disadvantages Workers. Hiring employees, calculating labor costs, hiring arrangements. Contributions to Social Security increases and reductions of fees.

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